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A group of citizens from the cities of Gerace, Kistelek, Barcelos, Narva and and the province of Teruel after provisional meeting and skype conferences has decided to create a permanent network finalized to encourage the development of European active citizenship and improving conditions for civic and democratic participation of citizens at local and European level.

The main aim of this project is to improve the dialogue between citizens and Institutions on the future of Europe Union.

After the economic crisis in the EU the criticism against the European Union has had an increase.

The citizens see the UE not only as opportunity for free movement of persons, goods, services and capital, mix of cultures (interests, funding, freedom linked to the end of borders, political and value community) but also as a community of countries with over regulation and bureaucracy and with a big gap of dialogue between citizens and UE Institutions.

For this reasons the overall objective of the project is to develop strong, dynamic and long- lasting network of these cities united by a common challenge of creating a continue dialogue between citizens and local public institutions finalized to improve the knowdlege of the Europe Union, Institutions and the politic agenda.

The project wants to increase the skills of citizens about methods and instruments for civic participation at local and european level.

In the specific the project aims to improve the knowdlege about the European Citizens Initiative as well as to innovative channels of e-participation.

By the organization of european open forums, seminars and the use of new digital tools the citizens from differents countries can sharing practices and learn each one from each other on the theme of civic participation.

For achieving the specific project's objectives will be organized n° 6 European forum, n° 4 seminars and will be realized a e-platform for shering practices and opinions between civil servents, citizens, policy makers

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