Contest for video storytelling about their personal vision about the theme “My life with EU and without EU” – Project “Eight cities for building our Europe – 8C2C4EU” – Programme “Europe for Citizens” – Network of cities


The contest will focus on European Union, in particular about how the EU, its legislation or policies impact the life of the citizens. In this last ten years, after the economic crisis and the immigration crisis, the euroscepticism are increase in each European country in particular in Italy, Hungary, Greece etc. The large increase of the euroscepticism depend from two aspects: a lack knowledge of European Union and its institutions and its policies; and a large dissemination by social media of a fake news about EU. In this context it is important to help citizens and young people to know EU and its policies, to meditate about how the EU influence their life. For this reason the project 8C2C4EU aims to stimulate the young people from 18 to 25 years old to reflect on EU and her influence in their life.

І. Video Storytelling;

Terms for participation:
1. The contest is open for young students, professional and amateur video storytelling artists from 18 to 25 years old;
2. Each participant could send up to 1 works /originals/ in.movi Or .avi format with a duration of the video max 3 minutes;
3. The video could be either colour (high resolution) or black and white old style;
4. Deadline for receiving works 30/04/2020 on the following address of the project partner:
Municipality of Gerace
Via sottoprefettura
89040 Gerace (RC)
Or by mail to the following address:
For video storytelling contest:
5. Participants should send a short СV, as well as name and family name, titles of the works, postal address, e-mail address and telephone.
6. Jury:
The Jury will be formed to the following persons:
Representative of Municipality of Gerace
Representative of Municipality of Narva
Representative of Municipality of Barcelos
Representative of Municipality of Heraklion
Representative of Municipality of Skrad
Representative of Municipality of Victoria
Representative of province of Teruel
Representative of Municipality of Kistelek
7. Criteria
The video storytelling will be selected following these criteria:
CREATIVITY: Overall the work is highly creative.
EUROPEAN VALUE: Overall the work include the European values
IMAGE /VIDEO QUALITY: Overall, the picture and video resolution is exceptionally good and within the limit of contest requirements.
IMAGE RILEVANCE: for to understanding UE
SOUNDTRACK – EMOTION: Music stirs a rich emotional response that matches the story line well
LANGUAGE: Appropriate language is used throughout the story

8. Prizes:
prize of the contest – plaque and diploma and travel to Bruxelles for visit the European Institutions during the final event of the project;
2.special prizes and diplomas;
9.Postal costs for sending works are covered by participants. There is no fee for participation;
10. Participation in this contest is considered as author’s agreement with present terms.
10. We wish success to all participants!!
For all questions referring organization and terms of the contest you can write to:

(Creation of an online submission form)
8C2C4EU – 2019 – Video – storytelling
Use this online form to submit a You Tube video telling your “My life with EU and without EU” story. Videos will take part in the “My life with EU and without EU” video storytelling contest for the project “Eight cities for Building our Europe – 8C2C4EU” under the European Programme “Europe for Citizens” (https://oureurope.her/video-storytelling-contest/).

Link for example: a website set up by the lead partner (Gerace) dedicated to the contest

Please provide a valid e-mail address. A confirmation e-mail will be sent at this address containing the comments to be added to the description of your You Tube video in order to prove your ownership and to include it in the contest.
Please provide the short URL (e.g of the YouTube video with which you want to take part in the contest
By submitting this form you confirm to understand and to accept that the video contest has been launched for the purpose of promoting the importance of cultural dialogue for a better European integration as well as to promote the civic participatory tools to give your personal contribution to the most important European decisions and policies. Your video has to respect …………………………. Together with YouTube community rules ( That … That the results will be notified to the e-mail address specified in this form
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